The Handyman


Just enough to get by

fix the car and feed the kids

all my tools right here

Can I help you?


Who has seen the handyman?

He went away without his pay

most of the work was done

and I expected him at dawn


All I really want to do

is sweep your gutters

tear down that facade

trim your trees and rosebush too


Perhaps the handyman is ill

or down on his luck

maybe this time he got drunk

or lost his tools and ran amuck


Where was that house I was working at

was the house on fourth or fifth or sixth?

maybe if I drive around

but my trucks in the shop   no luck


Is that the handyman outside

standing perplexed with a cig in his hand?

his rolling cart of tools I recognize

I call out eagerly for the handyman


There it is that’s the one

I heard a voice in the distance call

it called me by name

now I can work and get my pay


Handyman Handyman

there is so much to do

today tomorrow the whole year too

your job for me is never through



NaPoWriMo Day 6 prompt point of view

The Handyman

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