The Sun of Pont Aven


The sun of Pont Aven brightens the sailboat to a blue

deeper than the Van Gogh sky of Champs de ble

Blue sailboat moves along the river L’Aven

the light presses it on and on

like wind in sails its loft making shadow

that leans further into the movement of the day


Here in Port Manech can you see

 day ride on into its own demise

with acceptual strength

and boldness only to disappear into the sea

slowly into the blackest shadow

of night

The Sun of Pont Aven

The Baguette

Here in Canay everyone has the baguette

a small boy carries  bundles of fresh sticks

followed by little girls who hold baskets


Old men stand in the doorways

women pass by with baskets of yaourt and creme

one baguette or two balanced on top


There is a poem here

moving along the street of Canay 

going this way and that

carrying the  baguette

The Baguette