Bridge in Alabama


Short drive ahead to the bridge in Alabama.  Structurely sound destination after all morning at the museum in Montgomery.  State flag criss cross in red paint, the hands of children.

A group of students move quickly through the displays, the guide stopping for a moment at the cotton gin.  In the next room a KKK robe complete with hoodie.  

Follow that cotton trail down to the market square, dressed in cotton shorts and tops, to profit from the unknown.  Slaves were traded here under a necklace of lock and key.

On the other side of the street is the state capital building.  One block to the south, the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, where plans were made.

Where others walked not so long ago, we drive the Freedom Trail, and finish where they started, the Edmund Pettus Bridge, named for a Confederate General and KKK Red Dragon.

On a building wall situated in the middle of town is a huge sign “Honor the past.  Build the future.”  Forgive the past and know that there are many dishonorable events.

Bridge in Alabama

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