Didactic Coffee Writing


How To Create Coffee Art


Pull the rich shot of espresso

Beautiful crema on top

Double shot triple quad

You have steamed the hot

shot from the wand

Thickens the cream half and half

as it rises up with steady hand


With espresso pulled into cup

foamed liquid pours

and tucks under and on top

to form a palette

Free flow or tool



How to Fail at Coffee Art


Too much heat on the wand

Winds it up angry

and full of bubbles

It heckles the  hand that holds it

Once the milk was curdled

Taking it to the point of torture


Too many grounds in the pod holder

and too tight

Water can’t get in

strains and groans

and still can’t make it through

the small  holes of the machine

Result is little crema

Not much yummy coffee extract

Sometimes none at all


The final pour is not right

A more watery liquid

and too many bubbles

The crema thin and barely existent

You put them together anyway

Vexed imageover the loss of a masterpiece

You drink

Didactic Coffee Writing

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