Gideon’s Rebellion

God told Gideon to rebell

against his father’s idols

take the seven year old bull

and pull down the altar of Baal

so he went at night with ten men

and the bull to tear it down

to cut down the asherah

that stood beside the altar

the sacred pole or tree

fell to the ground

and made into fire

a new altar of stone was laid

the bull became a burnt offering

In the morning people

wanted to kill Gideon

for destroying the idols

His father said, “If Baal is a god,

let him plead his own case

because someone tore down

his altar.  Let Baal plead his case

with him,” and he called

his son Jerubbaal

The father who lost the altar

the pole and the bull

did not lose his son that day

or the new altar of stone

to God

Gideon’s Rebellion

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