Once Mermaids


What happened to the days when we danced on the beach in long gowns? You, your sister, a friend and I, the last one to try the cold touch of the ocean surge. No one cared about the sand in our lace or the wetness on our carefree soles. No one spoke as we spun around faster and faster until holding on we fell still spinning without our feet on the ground.

Once Mermaids

The Urgent Stop


Saul on the road to Damascus

after hearing and seeing Stephen

stoned to death

with orders from the high priest

Saul the Hebrew doing God’s will

all the study with Gamaliel

his work as a Pharisee

knowledge of the law

on the road to Damascus

to bind the Jesus followers

and bring them to Jerusalem

Saul blinded and fell to the ground

“Saul, why do you persecute me?”

the urgent stop

“Is that You Lord”

“What do You want me to do?”

The Urgent Stop

Dollhouse Family


The posture of the dollhouse mom is alway perfect in a stern upright way with clothes that come out of a catalog. She always wants children and something to do with them when she gets them.  The activities come out of the catalog along with an instruction manual for having fun with your kids.  The dollhouse kids are always busy in the dollhouse doing their chores and planning to surprise the dollhouse dad when he enters the dollhouse after a long day at work and commuting to and from his employment.  His work makes the dollhouse possible and they know it.  The kids work to keep their toys off the floor so that dollhouse dad does not trip and fall, breaking a leg and making it impossible to go to work.  Dollhouse mom loves to make new recipes in the dollhouse kitchen keeping the dollhouse family healthy with the basic food groups.  Dollhouse dad has his liquor bottle hidden somewhere in the dollhouse where the dollhouse mom cannot find it.  Dollhouse mom prefers dollhouse dad to be sober so that the dollhouse can be perfect in every way.

Dollhouse Family

The Oyster

by Francis Ponge, translated by Jane Swanson


The oyster is the size of an average stone yet rougher in appearance and less in color, brilliantly white. It is a world tightly closed.

Yet it can be opened and it must be held in the hollow of a cloth, using a knife and slightly chipped open, you try several times. Curious fingers cut into it, breaks nails, such a crude work. The blows are marks on the door of the shell, white and round, making a kind of halos.

Inside we find a whole world to eat and to drink under a pearly sky with heavens from both above and heavens from below, while forming a pond, and a viscous green bag which ebbs and flows with smell and sight, fringed on the edges with black lace.

Sometimes a very rare formula for pearl is deep in the throat of pearliness, which we immediately adorn ourselves with.

The Oyster



When the oyster gets an irritation

it wraps itself around the cause

secretes its own cure

and creates a thing of beauty

inside of itself

like when Jesus said

we must forgive seventy times seven

the oyster forgives its intruders

and caresses them in salty liquor

until there are as many as 51

another oyster has 80 some

and this is not an exaggeration

the world’s record

of oyster forgiveness

amazing all who see it!

Franklin, Tennessee  Woman bites into an oyster at Puckett’s Boat House and finds 51 pearls  4/6/15



a playable Scrabble word

if someone has put down ant

now with your six tiles

you can play the word


a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage

spell sycophant

(nice spelling bee word)

use it in a sentence please

That politician was a sycophant.

you spell sycophant and win


obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree

(another great spelling bee word)

spell obsequious

a sentence please

He was only obsequious to God.


Emergency Landing

Fall asleep in the cargo hold

you are suppose to be loading the baggage

Just a little nap you say

a little nap in the cargo hold

no one will ever know

They close the door

plane wheels out of the gate

rolls towards the runway

revs up for the takeoff

all that noise wakes you up

You are trapped in the cargo hold

with all that baggage

lucky for you it is pressurized

you can breath

and the temperature isn’t that bad!

How can you stay the course

maybe sneak out on landing

(but how will you get back

you will certainly have to pay out of pocket

but no one will know your folly)

Return to sleep or return to Seattle

now you feel desparate

start banging on the cargo hold

keep banging until someone hears

and changes the course of the flight

Alaskan Airlines Flight 448 bound for Los Angeles 4/13/15

Emergency Landing