Dollhouse Family


The posture of the dollhouse mom is alway perfect in a stern upright way with clothes that come out of a catalog. She always wants children and something to do with them when she gets them.  The activities come out of the catalog along with an instruction manual for having fun with your kids.  The dollhouse kids are always busy in the dollhouse doing their chores and planning to surprise the dollhouse dad when he enters the dollhouse after a long day at work and commuting to and from his employment.  His work makes the dollhouse possible and they know it.  The kids work to keep their toys off the floor so that dollhouse dad does not trip and fall, breaking a leg and making it impossible to go to work.  Dollhouse mom loves to make new recipes in the dollhouse kitchen keeping the dollhouse family healthy with the basic food groups.  Dollhouse dad has his liquor bottle hidden somewhere in the dollhouse where the dollhouse mom cannot find it.  Dollhouse mom prefers dollhouse dad to be sober so that the dollhouse can be perfect in every way.

Dollhouse Family

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