Emergency Landing

Fall asleep in the cargo hold

you are suppose to be loading the baggage

Just a little nap you say

a little nap in the cargo hold

no one will ever know

They close the door

plane wheels out of the gate

rolls towards the runway

revs up for the takeoff

all that noise wakes you up

You are trapped in the cargo hold

with all that baggage

lucky for you it is pressurized

you can breath

and the temperature isn’t that bad!

How can you stay the course

maybe sneak out on landing

(but how will you get back

you will certainly have to pay out of pocket

but no one will know your folly)

Return to sleep or return to Seattle

now you feel desparate

start banging on the cargo hold

keep banging until someone hears

and changes the course of the flight

Alaskan Airlines Flight 448 bound for Los Angeles 4/13/15

Emergency Landing

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