Real or Unreal In Galveston

Shelling in Galveston

early morning low tide

if there is such a thing on Galveston Island

Shelling with purpose

don’t bring any broken up old crap shells home to my house

eyes on the sand

searching for shape and color

what a beautiful scallop I find

so colorful

and there is a whole big rock shell and another one

This is better than Sanibel!

Now  I know what the “honey hole” of shelling is

(No wonder Galveston is on the top10 shelling beaches in the US)

Here’s another one!

I fill my pockets.

There must have been a storm

a high tide with high winds

I’ll post them on the the internet

Incredible beautiful unbroken

colorful  whole

I walk further

no longer seeing the incredible

Rain coming down harder

the usual seed pods  bric brac

broken oyster shells cockles

that the gulf spits up

Is what is in my pocket real?

Or were all those shells an illusion

I double back

there are some more

I feel greedy and get more

but how can this be possible

Oh yah I fell for a bag of shells!

Wedding shells party shells

Now the honeymoon is over

I am back to the reality

of a few moon snails now and then

some oddly shaped oyster shells

that will make a nice wind chime

the laughing of the sea gulls

a shelling experience

that could happen someday


if I stay the course

“stick to my hole”

(but that’s another poem)

keep my faith

realize the real in the here and now

and the unreal in Galveston

Real or Unreal In Galveston

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