Dust to Dust

dry0011Mother walked me to the grocery store

she must have been out of cigarettes

the store was two blocks north

then east along the highway

and there I saw

my first roadkill

It was flat and disemboweled

bloodied and barbaric

once a furry animal

now it was beyond recognition

and now Mother in her hurry

had to explain to me about death

So Mother spoke from the Bible

how everything came from the dust

of the earth

and all would return to the dust

ashes to ashes

dust to dust

Here was living proof

this roadkill had begun

the process of turning to dust

for dust you are

and to dust

you will return

Returning with the groceries

and smoking a cigarette

my mother slowed down

took some time on that road

then shall the dust return to the earth

and the spirit shall return to God

Dust to Dust

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